Steyl Panelbeaters Serives

24 Hour recovery Service

First Call is a towing and recovery company contracted to Steyl Panelbeaters cc. The company has its recovery vehicles and roll back truck and is competent to recover any accident related vehicle. First Call group is a member of the AA Recovery unit, SOS and SATRA

Panelbeating/Chassis Straightening

Steyl Panelbeating chassis straightening equipment comprises Chief Jig System and the Spanesi electronic diagnostic measuring system. The Spanesi system is efficient to do a twelve point test while simultaneously estimating unseen suspension and structural damages.

Welding Equipment

Our welding equipment comprises CO2 Welders, Spot Welders, Vacuum Systems, Multispot Welders, Aluminium Welders and Plasma Cutter. We also have a extra service of a Plastic Welder.

Air Conditioning Fitment

There have been tremendous technical advances in vehicle air-conditioning during the last decade. It is not just passenger cars that are driving demand for automatic climate control; commercial vehicle buyers also demand higher standard of interior comfort such as air-conditioning. We also do regassing of air conditioners.